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Late to the Party

3 June
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1st amendment, 5ks, 80's music, a spoonful of sugar, absurdity, acting, acting thirteen, adventure, advice columns, alaska, ancient history, angel, antigone rising, arrested development, bad tv, bagels, baseball, ben mckenzie, bill maher, books, boys, broadway, buddhism, buffy, camping, cats, cdc, celeb gossip, champagne, chappelle's show, cheese, chewing gum, chicago, chrismukkah, civil rights, classic cars, clive owen, clueless, coach bags, cobblers, coffee, comedy, consequentialism, cooking, coupling, curry, daisies, dan savage, dancing, dante's inferno, david sedaris, democrats, diet dr.pepper, dixie chicks, donnie darko, drew barrymore, driving, evolution, ewan mcgregor, family, family guy, far side, fearless, fleetwood mac, flowers, friends, futurama, gay platonic boyfriends, ghost stories, good shoes, green day, grocery shopping, guacamole, gumball machines, halloween, heathers, history, imaginary boyfriends, indian food, jane austen, janeane garofalo, john cusack, kate winslet, laughing, letters, libraries, lighthouses, literature, margaritas, martinis, movies, musicals, my birthday, my family, my friends, neat bugs, new foods, novels, oatmeal, overly dramatic situations, peace, pilot pens, politics, ponies, rainy nights, raspberries, reading, real simple, road trips, roadtrips, running away, say anything, sci fi, sex and the city, simpsons, spa treatments, sparkly things, spell check, sporks, stevie nicks, storytelling, sun worshipping, sushi, swimming, tarot, teen movies, television, televisionwithoutpity, the beach, the matrix, the medium, the oc, the postal service, thunderstorms, tiarae, tivo, trashy romance novels, travel, tree-hugging, tv, twop, violent femmes, wilderness, wonderfalls, writing, yoga